sky1Hello Beautiful! Welcome to A Life of Wellness and Divinity. We are a movement of Love, Healing, and Wellness. Regardless of where you are on your journey or the places you have been, we believe you have something to gain from our ministry. From the time we enter school as children, we are taught to get an education, work, start a family, retire then wait to die. We are not taught to truly take care of ourselves, and how to listen to our inner intuition. We live according to society’s standards and we are taught to chase some destination without enjoying the journey.

Our health, wellness and happiness are our own responsibility, so whether you need spiritual healing, health, exercise or beauty tips, relationship advice, to learn how to discover your passion, to experience fulfillment and happiness and all in between, this is the place for YOU! We honor your presence here and we thank you. We are here for you! Let’s enjoy this journey together as ONE.

Peace, Love and Blessings now and Always.




me chillinHello Divine Ones! Hope this message finds you in good spirits. Just want to give you an update of what is in the works at A Life of Wellness and Divinity. We are now offering affordable Spiritual and Holistic consultations and Life Coaching Mentorships by Oceanly Blue. We are living in a new era. We are finding that the old ways of doing things is becoming more and more irrelevant. If you feel stuck and don’t know what direction to take in your life, or you have concerns about health, relationships, questions about spirituality; or whatever you need to talk about and get unbiased, non-judgmental feedback on, then these services will benefit you. Along with our services, we also offer a health and beauty product line for skin, hair and body care. Click the image below for details

Products and Services  productline2



marketing4 Hello Ladies, I have a  private and Sacred Women’s Circle for Women of color to share and network. We believe in an equal balance of Light and Dark Spiritual Wisdom. We deal in Truth. Oracle and Tarot card readings, Spiritual Healing and support, Relationships, Physical Wellness, Career networking and work from home opportunities. We support each others dreams. I am very resourceful and can align you with the tools and information you need to succeed in all areas of your life. Please, no Black and White thinkers. You must be open-minded and open to learning about concepts you may not be accustomed to. You must participate and contribute to our circle through posting, commenting and planning events, or you will be quietly removed. No haters, No betrayal. You must have a strong desire for true friendship and sister-hood. Right now, we have a blog, and an Instagram page, but our private group where we converse is on Facebook. To join our sister-hood, contact me via email at oceanlybluegoddess@gmail.com or one of my social media accounts:

Instagram: www.instagram.com/thehealthbeautygoddess or www.instagram.com/sacredmenyc

Facebook: www.facebook.com/oceanly.blue


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  1. I have taken up an assignment in downtown Brooklyn. I am interested in the services your ministry offer. I hope we can set up a time to meet in a few weeks since the next two weeks are a bit hectic.
    The journey has been phenomenal thus far. I am looking for ward to great fulfillment now.
    Love and Peace.

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