sky1Hello Beautiful! Welcome to A Life of Wellness and Divinity. We are a movement of Love, Healing, and Wellness. Regardless of where you are on your journey or the places you have been, we believe you have something to gain from our ministry. From the time we enter school as children, we are taught to get an education, work, start a family, retire then wait to die. We are not taught to truly take care of ourselves, and how to listen to our inner intuition. We live according to society’s standards and we are taught to chase some destination without enjoying the journey.

Our health, wellness and happiness are our own responsibility, so whether you need spiritual healing, health, exercise or beauty tips, relationship advice, to learn how to discover your passion, to experience fulfillment and happiness and all in between, this is the place for YOU! We honor your presence here and we thank you. We are here for you! Let’s enjoy this journey together as ONE.

Peace, Love and Blessings now and Always.

me2Spring is almost here Beloveds! What a wonderful time to get outside now that all the snow is pretty much gone. Big things are in the works at A Life of Wellness and Divinity. Our product line will be coming out soon along with my first e-book titled “Taking Your Power Back.” This book is a step by step instruction on how to heal after leaving an abusive or toxic relationship. Its purpose is to help women step into their own Divine Feminine Power through inner reflection, diet and specific healing practices. We look forward to assisting as many women as possible heal from all past traumas and becoming the warrior women we all are meant to be.

Spiritual-materialismAs much as I love to read, its been a little difficult these days to squeeze in the time. Just yesterday, I treated myself to a new ebook titled “Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism” by Chogyam Trungpa written back in 1973. This book has outstanding reviews and is written for people who are exploring or walking the spiritual path. I am only a few chapters into it but I’m really enjoying it so far. I’m so ready to kick my feet up at the beach with my kindle in hand! I will be giving a full review  of this book once I’m done. In the meantime beloveds, stay true, be YOU and Live Well Always!

maya-angelou-twitterI can’t remember the first time I heard this remarkable woman’s name or read one of her famous poems but she has been with me all my life. Thank You Maya Angelou for your words, your spirit and your presence. You are Loved and never forgotten.

me chillinHello Divine Ones! Hope this message finds you in good spirits. Just want to give you an update of what is in the works at A Life of Wellness and Divinity. We are now offering affordable Spiritual and Holistic consultations along with oracle and numerology readings by Oceanly Blue. We are living in a new era. We are finding that the old ways of doing things is becoming more and more irrelevant. If you feel stuck and don’t know what direction to take in your life, or you have concerns about health, relationships, questions about spirituality; or whatever you need to talk about and get unbiased, non-judgmental feedback on, then these services will benefit you. Get a full description and our rates on our product and services page. We have also created a library/lectures page of  PDF’s, books and video lectures that will stimulate thought and promote learning and spiritual growth. All of these materials are free and can be downloaded to your computer. Our goal here is for all of our members and visitors to receive something beneficial from our ministry. Please visit our library/lectures page and enjoy! Thank you all for your support. Many Blessings and Live Well Always!

Taking_Your_Power_BackHello Beloveds! That time has come. My new e-book is now available. The purpose of this book is to empower women and writing it was a therapeutic experience for me. This is for any woman who has experienced abusive or toxic relationships. This is for the woman who is ready to let go of all the baggage and begin a new path.The words in this book came through me based on my experiences, knowledge and wisdom. LOVE is the intention through and through. We live in a ever changing world with endless possibilities. It is the time of the Sacred and Divine woman. It is time for our healing to begin! Click the link below to purchase and begin taking your power back!
Taking Your Power Back: How to heal after leaving a toxic relationship

nyc1Hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend. Even though we hit close to 90 degrees today in New York City, we are still approaching the end of Summer Solstice 2014. It’s something about the changing of the seasons that make me feel the type of hope that comes with starting things over again. I LOVE change! I welcome it. If things stayed the same all the time, I think I would go nuts! We are always looking for new ways to serve here at A Life of Wellness and Divinity. We have created a new page titled Meditation/Balancing for the purpose of healing, relaxation and balancing of the Chakras. It is very important to our well-being to stop all the hustle and bustle and all the movement that come with daily life and take a little time for ourselves. The purpose of meditation and chakra balancing is for the clearing away of negative energy, taking in healing energy and opening ourselves up to the Divine (source) creator.  Feel free to visit our new page and experience the videos and audios that are available all for your total well-being. Until next time beloveds Live well Always~

liveHello Beautiful Souls! I was thinking today about the momentum I have been on for the last 18 months. That momentum of determination since deciding to start this ministry in January 2013. Now granted, I worked at a very steady pace but I was still on a momentum. Sometimes we have to just stop the momentum and just be still. To enjoy what we have already accomplished. It is time for a vacation. Some fun, relaxation and doing nothing. Some time in Nature and maybe a couple of parties. I love the work I do so much that I sometimes forget to give myself space to have a little fun. Spirit tells me to become “childlike” to get near the ocean, to get around people who’s lifestyles are nothing like mine, to rest and just be a free spirit. So I will listen to my inner voice. I will be leaving New York City for about one month to do just that! I am going south…Stopping somewhere along the coast between New York and Florida just to take some quality time with Life. I am going to stop and see what I experience.. Taking it all in :) Until next time Beloveds! Live Well Always ~ Oceanly Blue~

blueeyeReadings and Consultations by Oceanly Blue are still available during her time on retreat. Just fill out the contact form on our products and services page to schedule your appointment. Also look for events and specials from A Life of Wellness and Divinity during October 2014 in recognition of Domestic Violence Awareness Month. There will be book giveaways, free and discounted oracle readings, fundraising, empowering and healing videos, Goddess training and much more. We look forward to not only promoting awareness, but to also be a catalyst in the healing of abuse survivors.




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  1. I have taken up an assignment in downtown Brooklyn. I am interested in the services your ministry offer. I hope we can set up a time to meet in a few weeks since the next two weeks are a bit hectic.
    The journey has been phenomenal thus far. I am looking for ward to great fulfillment now.
    Love and Peace.

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